The Lost Boys Of Sudan saw their parents killed and villages burned as civil war engulfed Sudan during the 1980s. Boys as young as 6-years-old walked a distance equivalent to that between Denver and Chicago in search of safety, a journey that took about 3 months. Over half were killed or captured. After 14 years in refugee camps, their plight came to the attention of the U.S. State Department and beginning in 2001 many of them were resettled in the United States. Over 125 live among us in the Chicago area.

These young men are currently pursuing their educations while maintaining a strong sense of community and working to support themselves. They are dedicated to helping rebuild their homes and villages and country now that a peace agreement has been signed between the government in the north and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement in the south.

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The Chicago Association for the Lost Boys Of Sudan (CALBOS) was formed in 2002 for the purpose of providing mentoring, medical help, emergency assistance, employment counseling and educational support to the Lost Boys Of Sudan living in Chicago. Click the CALBOS link to the left for more information.

Dr. John Garang de Mabior
23 June 1945 ~ 30 July 2005
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Upcoming Events in Chicago
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CALBOS leadership Board:
President - Gaberiel Dut Atem
Vice President - Jimmy Taban
Secretary - Abraham Alier
Treasurer - Abraham Atem Deng
John Dut Kuol

The Chicago Association for the
Lost Boys of Sudan has resumed
Thursday Night Gatherings.
Please join us for
fellowship, friendship and food.

Location: St. Paul Church by the Lake
7100 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

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