The Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan

The Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan (CALBOS) was originally known as "Project Phoenix". In 2001, when the Lost Boys began arriving in Chicago, individual volunteers and churches responded to their basic needs of settlement -- clothing, furnishings, food, medical needs, orientation to their new "homes" in Rogers Park and Albany Park. As the name implies, the mission was to lift these brave young men from the ashes of a life of displacement from their homeland, Southern Sudan, and 14 years of living in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya.

After a year or so, it became apparent that this informal organization of volunteers and churches needed to enter the next level, a formal organization for the purpose of fundraising. The young men were growing in stability, but jobs were difficult to find in this economy, education became an essential tool to their lives here and in preparation to return home one day, medical needs were ongoing, and emergencies caught us without the resources to react.

Thus, The Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan was chartered with the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit organization in 2003. CALBOS formed a Board of volunteers and Lost Boys. The new name speaks more directly to the mission: providing funds for continuing education, medical and emergency needs, and other quality-of-life issues.

In 2006, the organization evolved into one which is headed and run mostly by the Lost Boys themselves. They continue to focus on fundraising for their educations and rebuilding Southern Sudan.

You are encouraged to join the community as a volunteer tutor, provider of medical services, resource for job opportunities and/or training, or as a mentor to this amazing group of young survivors. Contact the Board of Directors for further information.

How CALBOS Helps

CALBOS helps provide tuition assistance to Lost Boys in the Chicago area who are enrolled in college or G.E.D. classes.

Medical Help
CALBOS seeks dentists and physicians to provide pro bono services and
arranges for treatment and financial assistance for young men with severe medical conditions.

CALBOS provides assistance and support in their search for jobs.

Emergency Support
CALBOS supports the young men with financial assistance related to uninsured medical care, public transportation expenses to job interviews and classes, and security deposits as they seek to improve their inadequate living
conditions. Rental assistance is based
on a revolving loan agreement.



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