What Can I Do to Help the Lost Boys of Sudan in Chicago?

> Provide employment -- contact us with job opportunities

> Make a donation to their library. They especially like books about "noble" people. They have missed out on stories and classical books your children read as pre-teens.

> Contact dentists or dental schools for replacement of teeth since many have missing teeth removed as tribal initiations. Or offer to pay for procedures such as providing bridges.

> Donate your used computer in good condition and with currently supported software/operating system for use in their educational endeavors.

> Donate your gently used car to expand their ability to work further from home.

> Pay for a driving school course so one can become a proficient driver. Or talk to an instructor in such a school about the possibility of a scholarship.

> Take one with you to your Rotary Club (or similar). Introduce him to the group and let him tell about his life. Mention his need for employment.


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