In Remembrance
Dr. John Garang de Mabior

23 June 1945 ~ 30 July 2005

Dr. Garang was the leader of the People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) in Sudan. He signed a peace deal ending his country's 22-year civil war in January this year and was sworn in as vice-president of the Sudanese government just three weeks ago. His death was announced after a helicopter crash near the Ugandan border in which 13 others were also reported killed. Among the others were: Ali Mayen (Private Secretary), Amat Malwal (Body Guard), Deng Majok (Body Guard), Juma Mayen (Body Guard), Oboki (Body Guard).

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My dear all to give you flash back of my heroic Dr.John De Mabior foot steps. John Garang man of no fear, Man of no defeat, Man of no reasonable doubt, Man of no questionable doubt and man no point of no return back of weakness. I know my leader John Garang since 1988 in Ethiopian when we are under 8-9 ages move toward Eastern Ethiopain border and Sudan. My leader John said children of Southern Sudan follow your education. Give you flash of my leader John Garang to all people around world, John had long strungled with no point of no return to weakness to his people. John Garang fought the war with great confidential, dignity, unity, peace and justice for whole southerners to free human uder control. John Garang one of the top leaders in Africa who fought the war with dignity without mind doubt and with respectfully way and politic manners way. We would like to follow the visionary of heroic John Garang De Mabior legacy in our country. To follow Dr.foot steps is one of great success in our movement and whole Africa in general as John Garang legacy is more vision then new page to be open. Dear all special American friends, brothers and sisters your mouners will comfort you with hopes in your God and your prayers will led John Garang to the right hand of our Father God Almight to rest him in peace. Dear all we know that God give human and take. Our message to comfort each of us at this difficult of mourn to know > ( GOD GIVE AND GOD TAKE, HIS SON JOHN ) Thanks you all. Manyok Aciek Mabiei.
Manyok Aciek Mabiei

This is the time to come together to honor Dr. John Garang and all those who fought by his side for freedom and peace. John Garang may be gone from us, taken too soon. Our prayers are offered for his family,especially for his wife, Rebecca, who remains committed to the cause of peace and to keeping the flame of her husband's passion for peace alive. Friends of Sudan in America are with you - in grief and in victory over grief. Dr. Garang fought long and hard on behalf of a people who cannot be defeated. Remain faithful to the cause in his name, praising God always for the accomplishments of your great leader, John Garang de Mabior.
Jackie Kraus

Dear, Sudanese and friends of Sudanese, We Southern Sudanese Diaspora and internal are mentally and physcially weakened by the death of our hero Dr. Garang Mabior Atem. He was the only man carrying keys to open the doors of the marginalized citzens of the Sudan. He was a man who earned a respect with in and outside Sudan. He was doing what God want us to do on this world. God do not want us to incriminate others because of their race, language, tribe, or religion. He knows that we are his children and therefore, should be equal with one another. Dr. John Garang was a man with vision and will for all Sudanese people. We will give thank to God for giving us John Garang as Sudan freedom founder. His legacy will be passed to every generation that to come in the Sudan and his path will be be follow by all African Sudanese in the Sudan. The SPLM/A he led for two decades show a great courage by appointing his long time dupty that most of us in diapora and inside Sudan have no doubt in the struggle. The SPLM immediately appointed Salva kiir Mayardit, a man whose is goals to defeat marginalizers or die without surredering to them. I want to encourage all the Sudanese to UNITED behind our hero Salva, who replaced our Martyr Dr. Garang. Most people feared that Salva is not a politician as Dr. Garang was. However, he can not be a politician to replace our Garang. With in the SPLM, we have so many politician which most people believe their ideals as a great politician. For example, We have Nhial Deng Nhial, Dr. Samson Kuwaje, Yaser arman, James Wani, Dr. Riek Macher etc. These people are still in the SPLM and they will do what Dr. Garang used to do with no doubt. Dear, sudanese, let us mourn the death of beloved leader and United so that we are able to defeat all enemies who do not sleep because they want to great ride of our life. If we unite behind our leaders, we will get what our freedom founder in the Sudan have been waging for twenty-two years. May God rest his soul in peace, John Garang De Mabior Atem Aruei. We will, NEVER forget you Garang in the history our struggle.
Jok Kuol Wel

To all the dear Sudanese in America as well as your brothers and sisters in Africa, please believe that All the Americans that know and love you hold you in their prayers. My government is behind you, the world is watching so please keep the faith that the great works of Dr Garang will go on!I had the honor and privledge of hearing him speak at the Carter Center here in Atlanta. He emphasized that the Lost Boys are the future.Stay strong,stay focused and continue his will of peace. With compassion and love Dee Massengale, Atlanta
mom Dee, Atlanta

Dear brothers, be strong. courage is the solution in lost of our brother and our leader John Garang. Garang was the man for the people and of the people, a man who cares of his people. I'm proud of him. Be strong and remember he didn't left us in tradgy but in a task that we must fulfill. I'm so sorry that he didn't reach the fruits of his strugle. However, God give him to us and he take him a way from us. As orphans of Garang, we must stay united because unity will give us another Garang. We must perservere in this great lost.
Yaak Chol Jurkuch

The crashed of the helicopiter, and which killed the First Vice President has shakened me and the whole southerners brothers and friends who were been suffered and waited for twenty-one years for peace to come, and always hoping for freedom. And within least than two months of joys, they hoped for freedom has turned to sorrow and mourning again, whereas they northerners are celebrating and enjoying the death of beloved one in the hand evil acts, we will never forget him. Today, it is my compassion, to say that brothers, friends and I been caught again in the hand the enemy; that we are no longer a free people but like prisoners with the death of our great leader. Although I'm in the United States, my heart is still being broken and terrified with the death of our leadership to die in this simple manner, I still asked myself, who's me and what's my future in the world? and thank you so much
Abraham Wal Deng

Let us pray for the soul of a great leader who has been taken too soon. Let us never forget the risks he took for the cause of religious freedom from persecution. And, let us always turn to God for mercy, for strength, for forgiveness, for the courage to forgive. May God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit bind us together for the sake of peace, for the future of Sudan, for fulfillment of the dream and mission of John Garang de Mabior. May God show you a new revelation of His love and power. May He minister to your spirits at this very moment. Where there is pain and sorrow may He give you peace and mercy. And, where there is despair, may He give you abundant hope. My family and I are deeply grieved and stand with all your people, our brother and sisters, and most especially the community here in Chicago. God has joined us together for such times as these. Mom Jackie
Jackie Kraus

Days for sadness, but more than these days to come together and accomplished our legacy. The death of our leader John Garang chocked us and let us asked God why he took his live at the time we need him most. Does God mean that when he took the live of moses not to see a promise land of Israel, does that apply to what had happened to our leader? Well, God knows. We all speechless, but only the tear on our eyes. However, our Strong ness and dedication will lead us to the last destination we vision to stop. Garang's death left a gap that will take time to close up, never the less the the people of Southern Sudan should act wisdomly and wisely to defeat their obstacles. Sadly we Lost Garang, still it is our strong message to those who might be happy that Southern Sudanese lost their leader so it is their time to oppress us, however, we have one destiny that nothing will intermediate us on the road to what we want to achieve. My fellows, sorrow is something come in a time we do not expect it, but courage is superiority for all. We need not to loss our hope, but to focus on our mission with hope that we will make it happen. It is our thank to those who join us in mourning and put their heart to the future of our country. We appreciate your attribute that help us alot and as it says that you know who is close to you during sickness, or death time. Thanks
Kuek Garang

Dear friends, It was my compassions, to say that we are no longer a free people as i was shaked by the new this morning that, our beloved one Lt. John Garang died in the helicopter crashed. while leaving uganda. I did real totally being in quiet for an hour to believed it. And they first thing come to my mind was, as this became true, who's me and what's my future? Therefore, it is really a terrible time for all of us, we Sudanese and especially Dinka. However, it has happen and gone, but we want to come together and pray that our brothers and friends in the land will be saved and peace will continue to prevail in Sudan. I also request all the Lost Boys to pass the message to everyone and that if we can meet on satursday and pray together. or otherwise, I will be in the meeting on Thursday night and I will pass the message. Please write and let me know if you got the message. And Thank
Abraham Deng

Let's pray to God to raise leader for Southern Sudan as He raised Joshua for Israel!!! Dear brothers, sisters, and friends, It is very emotional for every son and daughter of Sudan to read or talk as we heard of sad news concerning the death of our country’s vice president and president of Southern Sudan and truly beloved talented-freedom fighter, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, but I am sharing this brief message with you in order not to lose hope as we mourn. Almighty God knows what He plan for our people or nation that we have already lost millions of our brothers and sisters. We , the people of Sudan, must accept death and suffering while maintaining the vision of our moment (SPLM) and hope if that’s what God planned for our people. Dr. Garang’s death could result in more death as we heard of the anger attacks from thousands of Southern Sudanese in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum and Juba in Southern Sudan. Let have hope and dream of how we can overcome this sorrow as Dr. John Garang, himself, said, “The SPLM shall continue its visions and ideals that it has sacrificed for over the last 21 years and for which we have shed tears and blood.” Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” We can shade tears and bitterly cry, but we can still go for it even if it mean more death. I can’t think of how the enemies of peace can make the recent peace attractive any more as our brother and leader Dr. John Garang repeatedly dreamed. Peace,
Magai Bul

My heart goes out to all Sudanese. This is a sad event, so unexplainable. Take comfort in knowing all Dr. Garang did for you, for Southern Sudan -- he brought you through it all to peace. His great vision and faith in doing what was right and just and fair is a legacy to strengthen you all. He set the course for peace and freedom. Having been involved with the wonderful Sudanese I know, makes me feel this loss with you. You are all in my thoughts and in my heart.
Barbara Rose - web master



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