How Unlucky Generation Am I
by James Deng, 02-06-04

--- How unlucky generation Am I.
We always cry for help, But we don't apprise the world,
And yet there will be a time when God answer us.

--- How unlucky generation Am I.
I brainstorming to manipulate my life,
But I do not commit juvenile delinquence things,
Of course I like elders appealing.

--- How unlucky generation Am I.
God himself will assist us, Everything has its own ends.
This suffering of ours is really purgatory
the hostility of this condition make us to
divert behavior and cause patricide.
And we look brutal throughout.

--- How unlucky generation Am I.
The eradication of our land will not be constant
but we should endure the bad condition through God,
Avoid profanity to our God.
--- How unlucky generation Am I.


- James recites his poem in a dramatization at the CALBOS Benefit, 2/21/04


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