The Sudanese Celebrate Freedom


                Singing "Hallelujah"


David (right) and girls singing  
in Dinka and English  


 Dramatization by Paterno and Sudanese boys


Lost Boys of Sudan singing            


          Manut, Barnaba, Peter, Abraham
     play Sudanese-style intruments and sing


Traditional African dance             



High-stepping stomp dance






Lost Boys Basketball
Windy City Simbas
Michigan Warriors




Dut Atem
Master of Ceremony

Jarvis Mawut Mayik
Sudanese Pastor
(ordained Februray 2004)
Emmanuel Bol

President of Sudanese Community
click here to read his speech

Doris Dinsmore
Director, Resettlement World Relief

Anghesom Atsbaha
Faculty, Truman College &
Director, Truman/DePaul Bridge Program

Edwin Silverman
Director, Illinois Department of Human Services

John Ngugi
Coordinator, Truman/DePaul Bridge Program & Director of Leadership, Phi Theta Kappa

Symon Ogeto
Columbia College, Office of International Students Affairs

Mike Dubiel
President, Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan

Shana Wils
Director, Heartland Human Care Services

Arnold Romeo
City of Chicago Commision of Human Relations &
Director, Advisory Council on African Affairs
click here to read the mayor's declaration

Sampson Galua
Michigan Youth Representative

Patrick Augustine
Director, Pan Africa Association

Deon Lopez
President, Student Government Association at Truman

Malual Awak
Closing Remarks


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