The Sudanese Celebrate Freedom (16 May 1983)
May 21, 2005 at Truman College, Chicago

Event Committee

David (right) and friends singing in Dinka and English  

Traditional African Music and Dance 



Lost Girls from Michigan joined the celebration
Left to right: Yar, Aluel, Adeng, and Adeng
Although the vast majority of resettled Sudanese refugees are young men, there are 89 young women. Their experience was explained to Refugees International by a young “lost girl” who will soon turn 18: “We girls were not put into groups like the boys. If we had been put into groups, we might have been attacked. We are now in the community, and no one knows where we are.” The girls had the same traumatic experiences as the boys, but culturally could not be grouped to live by themselves. Like the boys, these girls had also lost their parents, siblings, and homes. Members of their own communities, and most often of the same clan, took them into their households.

Manute Bol with some of the day's guests

Keynote Speakers

Manute Bol
Former NBA Player

Kenneth Elisapana
SPLM/A Chapter in Illinois



Malual Awak
Master of Ceremony

Emmanuel Bol Kuanyin
President of Sudanese Community

Anghesom Atsbaha

Assistant Professor
Truman College

Brenda Weddington
Dean of Student Services
Truman College

Arnold Romeo

City of Chicago Commision of Human Relations &
Director, Advisory Council on African Affairs

Mike Dubiel
President, Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan

Shana Will
Refugee & Immigrant Community Services
Director, Heartland Human Care Services



John Elnakal
Evangelical Free Church, Wheaton

Fr. Ned Prevost
Christ Church Winnetka


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