Birthday Party 2005
Sudanese and volunteers celebrate the Lost Boys birthdays!

Many of the Lost Boys have no records
of their birth dates and so
January 1st was assinged to them.
An annual celebration
has become a tradition in Chicago.

This year they were joined by
Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng
and his family.


Click here to view CBS news' video of the event.



Guests and Lost Boys enjoy dinner and birthday cake.

Fr. Heschle with Ned and Bev Prevost, his new dog Abydos and the apprecition memento he received from the Lost Boys

Luol is also a Sudanese refugee. He is sincerely interested in the Lost Boys and spent time talking with them, posing for pictures and giving autographs. He is respected and appreciated
by the Lost Boys.

Luol brought Bulls sweatshirts
for them, which they loved!


Number 9, of course!



Photo credits: Chris Curl, Ned Prevost, Manyok Mabiei, Barbara Rose


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