Sudanese Peace Celebration
February 19, 2005

The community of Sudanese in Illinois hosted
Sudanese from various states, Sudan's coalition members, volunteers, and diverse citizens of Chicago
in celebrating the comprehensive Sudan peace deal
signed on January 9 ,2005, in Nairobi, Kenya,
after long decades of armed conflict and human suffering.
It was a historic moment to cherish
and an opportunity to thank our heroes and friends
who stood by us during our quest for justice and equality.

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for photos of the signing of the peace deal

Akoi Choir, Sudanese Church, Chicago

Youth Choir, St. Paul Sudanese Church, Chicago

Sudanese Traditional Dance
"The Dreams", Chrispino Group

DuPage Church of Sudanese
Enjoying a Sudanese Meal                                                    

MCs Nok Duany, Malual Mayol Awak

Organizing committee: P. Magai Bul, Patrick Nono, Nok Duany, David Bior Mach, Moses Mabior Jombo, and James Akech Aguer. Not pictured: Malual Mayol Awak, James Deng Kou and Samuel Akol Anei







Keynote Speaker
John Andruga Duku
SPLM Representative
Nordic Countries and European Union

Fr. John Heschle
St. Paul by-the-Lake

Anghesom Atsbaha
Assistant Professor
Truman College

Marguerite E. Boyd
Truman College

Hayelom Ayele
Director, Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Immigrant/Refugee Affairs

Dr. Edwin Silverman
Chief, Bureau of Immigrant & Refugee Service, Illinois Dept. of Human Services

Nok Duany
for Dr. Julia Aker Duany
Founder, South Sudan Friends International, Sudanese Women Activist
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Mayen Wol
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mike Dubiel
President, Chicago Association for the Lost Boys of Sudan

Maleh Kanon
Executive Director, Interfaith Refugee & Immigration Ministries

Andre Patrick Angustin
Director, Pan-African Association

Namia John
Sudanese Women, Sudanese Community of Dupage

Patrick Nono
Vice President, Sudanese Community of Illinois


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